Team Experience

  • Substation Protection and automation, 
  • Data capturing and network monitoring,
  • Report , Philosophy, and Procedures writing, and
  • Tender procurement, 
  • Maintenance, testing, and commissioning cover transformers, circuit breakers, bus bars, isolators, earth switches, cables, relays, transducers, and various metering systems.
  • Cable, Switchgear, RMU, Mini-substation and Transformer testing, 
  • Installation and wiring of all types of panels ranging from protection and control, switchgear, metering and SCADA. 

Design and Engineering

  • Secondary plant design, 
  • Protection and control scheme configurations 
  • System integration and interfacing,
  • System study, grading and analysis, 
  • Report , Philosophy, and Procedures writing, and
  • Support Services 

Test Equipment

  • We have the various test equipment to perform the tasks at hand:
  • Transformers, 
  • Circuit breakers, 
  • Bus-bar, cables, 
  • Earth switches, 
  • Isolators, 
  • Primary and 
  • Secondary plants.

Various Testing during RFT, FAT and SAT

  • 1kV insulation resistance tests,
  • Panel verifications,
  • Primary plant testing,
  • Secondary plant testing,
  • AC/DC checks,
  • Bus-wiring,
  • Reports, philosophy
  • Logic configuration
  • Setting Study